Running Ventures

We are focused on running different brands built over time.

Our final goal is to build an asset that can be steady in producing equity thanks to its diversification in many sectors.

Challenges in progress

Below you can see some projects we joined and where we are working. Initially our company was more like a production company, today we are much like a holding that manage many brands and has internal skills and staff for doing all the operations related to the growth of these brands.

Some of these are fully owned by us while, others, are born in partnerships with other companies 

Cronos™ Escape Room – late 2021

Local B2C business – Escape room based in Bergamo (Lombardy – Northern Italy). Branch of franchising.

Agevolando™ – early 2020

Software as a Service – Service that offers a database and tailor-made newsletter, sent on a daily basis, containing a list of government subsidies and facilities for the user’s company.

Winning Icaro – early 2020

Market Research Advisory – Over the years, as we struggled to survive and thrive, we had to become great at evaluating investments. The best choices we made, were about deciding that a business model wasn’t good enough to achieve good ROIs in reasonable time spans.

So we built a brand for making this know-how available for everyone and, furthermore, this allows us to get in touch with entrepreneurs who have good business ideas to invest in.

Third parties e-commerces – late 2019

D2C E-commerce Journey

Performance-based partnerships – We define partnerships with other companies that run D2C e-commerces. We take care of the web and business strategy defining economic agreements based on the e-com performances.

Local Magnet – late 2019

Local Marketing Journey

We built and manage a network of websites that offers B2B/B2C local services for which we have partnerships with local companies that can provide each of these services.

Our websites generate leads that are processed by our staff for matching each request with the best provider in partnership with us.

5su5 – late 2017

Software as a Service – A system for local businesses which wants to improve their review score through solid actions and without having to think about shady solutions usually applied by some.

Private affiliate projects – 2015

Affiliate Marketing Journey

As our origins tell, the serious game started in 2015 with some affiliate marketing websites powered by SEO traffic. The first phase of our journey was about scaling up and, since 2017 diversifying traffic sources, verticals, and promoted offers.

How we can set a goal and achieve it

We are constantly scouting new business journeys every day.

If you have an idea, or if you have a legit business and you’d like to scale it in partnership with us, we can be interested.

Discover how we work in 3 points: 



We don't provide consulting services

We believe in what we do and, when we decide to take care of a project, we think to have the confidence needed to get results.

For these reasons, we don’t trade our time for money but we only work for equity or profit sharing.


Let's grow together

If you already run a business, we are open to joint ventures.

These can be about scaling your flagship products or starting a new brand!

1+1=3 thanks to our sinergy

We aren’t just looking for investing but we aim to create partnerships where our strengths can be leveraged for getting exponential results.